Move to Hugo

Introduction Since 2 years, I used Pelican, a very good project developed by a team of good developers. You have a lot of plugins, everything works fine but, and yes, there is a “but”. In fact, when you want to update your blog, and try to use the last version of Pelican, you can have some errors. It’s the case with the pelican-social plugin and the last version of Pelican. Ok, you can try to use the old version, and then we can start the witch hunt and try to find the right version of the Pelican with this plugin. »

Stephane Wirtel

Help PythonFOSDEM 2016 with your proposals

Introduction The Python Community has a devroom during the FOSDEM in Brussels in Belgium. The event will take place during the last week-end of January 2016. With the success of the previous PythonFOSDEM, this year we received a bigger room of 363 seats. But to be honnest, for this PythonFOSDEM, we have only received 8 proposals for 16 available slots. Becuse the deadline is imminent and because we have only received some proposals, we have extended the deadline at 20 December. »

Connect to Odoo (formerly OpenERP) in your application with ERPpeek

This post is the first part of two articles for ERPpeek and Odoo. In this post, we will use the new name, Odoo instead of OpenERP but the content and the examples are compatible with OpenERP 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0 and of course with Odoo v8.0. There is no need to be worried, I will try to be compatible with the new version. If you are glad with this content, just inform me via my twitter account. »